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VEL TradeStation Indicator Platform TradeStation
Version: 1.0
Market: Stock, Futures, Forex
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RR VEL is a momentum indicator with ultra-smooth, accurate measurement of trend direction and speed.

This powerful indicator has smoother lines then standard momentum and no additional log.

The smooth argument is number that controls the smoothness of VEL's curve.
The phase argument controls lag/overshoot aspect of VEL's curve.

VEL Momentum Oscillator is designed to be applied in trading systems of your own design.

Example: ES 5min
Notice how fast VEL is responding to market changes.

TradeStation VEL Oscillator Indicator
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Unique Features:
• Controlling smoothness and lag.
• User define colors.
• Work with any time frame.

Compatible with TS 9.0 and higher.

What is this?
You can get Free Trial version of VEL indicator for test.
The product contains all the capabilities of the Full Paid version.

The use of the free version of indicator is limited to 30 Days.
$69.00 (USD)
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